Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Day~

Scott and I were up extra early so we could get a cup of coffee down before our first gift came around the corner at 6:20~
(Actually Scott was at the barn feeding the calves but made it home before the kids got up)

Everyone was up by 6:45 and met on the stairs before going to see the gifts~
(Calla didn't want to sit with everyone)

It was American Girl Dolls for the girls~

A new iPhone 7+ for Rosie~

And Legos for the boys~

 We had a slow morning so everyone could play with their new stuff~

Dad whipped up Santa pancakes~

And we made it to church by 11~

The bigs, my parents with Max and Addie came down for Christmas dinner.
It had been the best day celebrating Calla's first Christmas
and if we asked her what her favorite part was, she would say singing Happy Birthday to Jesus~
(Cupcakes and photo by Savannah)

It was so wonderful to have everyone home together~

BC opened gifts from Memommy and Pop~
 It was a VERY Merry Christmas and thankful for Jesus' love for us!!!

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