Christmas Card~

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Clean up & Slam Down~

I could tell I was getting sick on Christmas Day so after everyone was gone and the kids in bed,
I took down all the Christmas and packed it away.
(Rosie, EK, and SJ helped for a while too).
Yesterday I woke up SO sick I drove straight to urgent care.
Came home to lay around all day~
 No better by night so they called me in more meds and today I can actually swallow without crying in pain and have a raspy voice.

Now we have two on the nebulizer, two trying to get well, three holding their own, and two parents on the brink of recovery.
Watch our Rosie!!!

Christmas Day~

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Scott and I were up extra early so we could get a cup of coffee down before our first gift came around the corner at 6:20~
(Actually Scott was at the barn feeding the calves but made it home before the kids got up)

Everyone was up by 6:45 and met on the stairs before going to see the gifts~
(Calla didn't want to sit with everyone)

It was American Girl Dolls for the girls~

A new iPhone 7+ for Rosie~

And Legos for the boys~

 We had a slow morning so everyone could play with their new stuff~

Dad whipped up Santa pancakes~

And we made it to church by 11~

The bigs, my parents with Max and Addie came down for Christmas dinner.
It had been the best day celebrating Calla's first Christmas
and if we asked her what her favorite part was, she would say singing Happy Birthday to Jesus~
(Cupcakes and photo by Savannah)

It was so wonderful to have everyone home together~

BC opened gifts from Memommy and Pop~
 It was a VERY Merry Christmas and thankful for Jesus' love for us!!!

Christmas Eve @ BC's~

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Savannah, Josh, and BC invited us to their house for Christmas Eve Celebration.
Scott and Josh watched the Falcons game and we made cookies~

 Opened gifts~

Ate Chinese Takeout~

Decorated Cookies~

Posed for photos~


Made it home in time to watch The Polar Express, make hot chocolate, and feed the reindeer~
Got everyone tucked in just in time for Santa to arrive!!!

Sissy the Elf~

I had to post this adorable photo of my sister who is Surgical floor supervisor~
She and her boss dressed up like Elves and served treats to their nurses.
The littles were amazed their own aunt has been a secret elf all this time!!! :)

Christmas with My Family~

My sister and family came to town so we celebrated with a Low Country boil (thanks Chris and Marcia).
The kids could NOT wait to open gifts~

Everyone loved their special things: Barbie heads, Sophia dress up, Barbie campers~

 Memommy loved all the time with her grands~

The princess taking a little rest from the festivities~

The boys got Nerf bows and dad gave them lessons~

Calla also took up with her Pop too~

Sissy and Sam were so sweet to play with all the kids and their new stuff~

The divas~

Loved seeing Hayden that evening~
SO close to Christmas now!!!

Christmas with Scott's Side~

Friday, December 23, 2016

We joined all of Scott's side of the family at his brother, Larry's house~
The kids received the cutest gifts and the food was wonderful!
Loved spending time with family too!!!

Neighbor Gifts~

EK and SJ were in charge of our neighbor gifts~
12 jars of homemade treats made and ready for delivery!

CallaAnne's Dr Visits~

Calla had an appointment with Infectious Disease.
She was doing SO well, we don't go back for 3 months 
AND they will most likely dismiss us!
We stopped by Costco on the way home,
and she gave us a very happy celebratory smile~

Another day we had her cardiology appointment and still another great report!
Doing so well we won't go back there for 6 months.
We stopped for lunch at Panera and she ate a whole bowl of chicken noodle soup~

I guess after many dr appointments we were bound to pick up a germ so off to the ped we went.
Nothing showed up and deemed a virus... looks pretty sick to me!!!~

Wedding Photos~

Thursday, December 22, 2016

I am finally getting around to posting some of my favorite photos from Amelia and Logan's wedding on October 23~

It will always be one of my favorite days of my life, and I hope you enjoyed a glimpse!
Photos by Sowing Clover Photography