Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Ben Curtis Day~

Josh was out of town for the week so to break up the week for driving to the babysitter,
Savannah asked if we might come out and spend the day with BC.
Wow! Such a hard decision~
It was a beautiful day watching a sweet friendship bloom between the babies!

I wrote about it @ A Beautiful Symphony:

I’m able to sneak time with each of my children when she’s occupied. They all know I love them the most! I knew this was going to be tricky so I prepared for it.

What I didn’t realize was the difficulty helping my new child and only grandchild know I loved them both. Calla has been so protective of my affection, she didn’t want me loving on grandson. Heart wrenching to choose between them. Sometimes Scott would take Calla so I could hold BC, but I had to choose her the most. That’s hard on a mama/grandmama’s heart. The choosing.

After holding me captive for almost 6 months, Calla was able to share my attention with BC yesterday. They have learned the my turn-your turn game. It’s beautiful!

And the icing on the cake? Her love tank is finally full enough to overflow on others. She’s able to give some away. Now THAT’S beautiful!!!

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  1. Hey Sharon,
    I have messaged you on facebook, reaching out to you about adoption. Please, if you can, check your filtered messages. The message was probably filtered or under message requests since you and I are not facebook friends. Thanks so much!!


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