Sunday, October 2, 2016


As with many families (especially large families) there can be lots of excess and storage.
There is the mindset we might need it, the younger ones can play with it, or so and so gave us that so we have to keep it.

We have a big storage closet upstairs and one in the basement.
The positive~
All the clothes to be passed down are organized in bins waiting for their new owners!
The negative~
Lots of toys were being stored and no one every played with them.
There were even AG dolls, clothes, and furniture from the big girls that needed organizing!

I picked up Simplicity Parenting again and Savannah shared an article with me
and I began to realize keeping all this STUFF wasn't helping anyone.

The only thing to do was pull it all OUT and begin the culling: what to keep and USE,
what to give away.

Amelia amazed me to no end when we dumped ALL the AG stuff
she and the big girls had when they were little
and she knew exactly whose it was plus which doll it went with~
Now we have three perfectly organized bins they can all give to 'their' little girls one day!

We packed up 10 bags of toys and 5 bags of trash plus all the shelves/bins it was being housed in and sent it all away!
The result is less stuff, organized closets, and NO storage other than clothes.

The beautiful thing that came from it was renewed love for what we kept~
and a new outlook on what we allow back in.
It will be with GREAT care what we choose for Christmas
because with 10 kids and grands, it is SO much more about the people than stuff.
Everyone is happy about their beautiful spaces, and I am thankful!!!

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  1. Great job! I am sure Amelia had fun looking through all the doll stuff...lots of happy memories. My daughter is saving her AG treasures too. d


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