Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Shot Day~

Today was the dreaded Shot Day when everyone is scheduled for their flu shot...
We dressed in fall outfits, enjoyed surprise company (Dr. Parker & Ms. Yvonne) for lunch~
 Then we went for our dr appointment.
It was a fiasco with three freak outs, one small cry, and three that didn't flinch a muscle.
We have been considering the Nissan NV van and wanted to test drive so we decided this was the day~
 It was like an amusement park ride... they all loved it!
We took boosters so we could all ride and us parents could drive it~

We can't make up our minds...
~ It won't fit in our garage so the door closes.
~ We aren't positive it will even fit in at all.
~ It is definitely the size and number of seats we need.
~ There is no DVD player although we can add it.
~ It is drives just like our Yukon XL and parks pretty easily too.

~ Just a big deal to buy such a large vehicle but what else is a big family supposed to do?


  1. Have you tried a Honda Odyssey? They are fantastic! There is one that seats 7 and one that seat 8, with all the bells and whistles and it would probably fit in your garage. Toyota Sienna is another one about the same size.