Monday, October 31, 2016

It is no easy feat to figure out what 7 kids will be for Halloween but thank goodness Rosie came home
and helped turn a disaster into this beautiful group~
2 deer, 2 Ninja Turtles, a Bride, Butterfly Princess, and a Doctor!
 Magical for sure~
We went to trunk or treat and filled our pumpkins full!
A very fun time for this cute crowd!!!

The Fleeman House~

Remember the fixer upper we bought to renovate for Mill and Logan?

LOOK at it now~
 Quite the transformation wouldn't you agree?

Scott and I were pretty thankful we had things to do over there while they were in Hawaii!
 We finished up last minute details, cleaned, and unpacked lots of their stuff~

SO many beautiful touches~

Progress on the front~

AND finally they were on home on Monday to see their new home!!!
Welcome to the Fleeman Home!!!

A Day @ BC's~

Sunday, October 30, 2016

We went out to take Amelia's car to the airport and spent the day with BC~
Just look at those sweet smiles!!!

Organic Cursive~

Monday, October 24, 2016

Look at this beautiful cursive board we purchased From Jennifer~
Capitals on one side and lowercase on the other!

Wedding Week~

The time had finally come to pull the wedding together and celebrate!
Friday before Amelia and I with a few of the littles ran our last minute errands
including getting our nails done~

On Saturday the bride and her attendants enjoyed the bridesmaids' luncheon @ Mary Mac's~
 Then back to Savannah's to get ready for the rehearsal dinner in Athens.
Logan's family treated us to a wonderful evening complete with toasts and a slideshow~
 The Originals and all the kids~

Sunday morning was GO time so we loaded our truck down and headed to the venue.
We were there by 9:30 for a short rehearsal before a full day of preparation~

Rehearsal time~

Hair, Makeup, and Dressing~

 My gorgeous girls and just look at that bride~

Ready by 2 for the beginning of photos~

A snap from the videographer during the ceremony~

The beautiful couple after the wedding~

All the wedding gifts came home with us and the photo to the right was Amelia the morning they left for Hawaii~
 Honeymoon time in Hawaii~

Such an amazing day and week for this sweet couple!
It was the perfect wedding and everything went off without a hitch!!
Love you Mimi and Logan!!!

Nature Learning~

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Because our table was decorated with beautiful leaves from our trees, we took our learning outside for the day.
We found an interesting Orb Weaver to observe and learn about~

We also discovered a watermelon seed we had spit on the ground this summer had grown a little plant in out yard
so we dug it up to see the roots and replanted in a pot~

After a little reading and nature journaling, we took off on a walk around our yard~

LOOK at those beautiful children under our gorgeous tree~

We climbed trees and picked big leaves off our magnolia~
Evie held this branch over her head like an umbrella and the boys exclaimed~
"Evie is the The Lady with the Parasol like Monet's painting!"
THAT is a win for art education if you ask me!!
Love this homeschooling life!!!

Happy 8th Birthday Will and 80th to my Dad~

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

We celebrated Will's birthday several times and for some reason I lost the photos of his family party.
Just a cute photo of SJ taking care of Calla out on the plasma car~

Will got a new bike and we celebrated with Chinese around the big table~

The next day we celebrated daddy's 80th with poppyseed chicken, cookie cake, and singing~
 Happy birthday Will & Pop~
We love you both!!!

The kids did all the decorating for our table scape and it was beautiful~

Lots of Wedding Details~

Friday, October 14, 2016

In the last days before the wedding, details become the focus.

Amelia made beautiful signs~
 and I put together a slideshow for the rehearsal dinner~
Won't be long now!!!

Ankerich Academy Library~

As if I needed anything else to do the week before the wedding...
I pulled all our books together and made about 7 categories~

For each category I painted the bottom spine with acrylic paint for color code~

I organized them all in rainbow order on the shelves and ready for check out~

They are welcome to shelve their books back and choose others as often as they please~
They are still excited about our library system and have a stack of books for rest every day!

Animal Drawing~

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Need an idea for busy hands while listening to read alouds?
Have everyone grab an animal book and draw~
 Everyone is growing SO much in their drawing skills~
Keepsakes for sure!!!

My Early Morning Love~

There is SO much in this photo proving love is healing the brokenness.
The fact that she is sitting near me involved in an activity independently is huge!
I intentionally count the many blessings of this precious baby every single day!!

Shot Day~

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Today was the dreaded Shot Day when everyone is scheduled for their flu shot...
We dressed in fall outfits, enjoyed surprise company (Dr. Parker & Ms. Yvonne) for lunch~
 Then we went for our dr appointment.
It was a fiasco with three freak outs, one small cry, and three that didn't flinch a muscle.
We have been considering the Nissan NV van and wanted to test drive so we decided this was the day~
 It was like an amusement park ride... they all loved it!
We took boosters so we could all ride and us parents could drive it~

We can't make up our minds...
~ It won't fit in our garage so the door closes.
~ We aren't positive it will even fit in at all.
~ It is definitely the size and number of seats we need.
~ There is no DVD player although we can add it.
~ It is drives just like our Yukon XL and parks pretty easily too.

~ Just a big deal to buy such a large vehicle but what else is a big family supposed to do?