Saturday, September 3, 2016

Family Birthday Party~

Happy birthday to daddy from the WHOLE crew~
It was so wonderful to have Ben Curtis, Savannah, and Josh home~
 He made is all happy!!!~
 It was the most beautiful day so we spent most of our time outside~
 Love that Rosie was home from school and our family was all together~
 Amelia and Logan dressed Cabot up for the first Ga game...
only 50 days until the wedding!!!~
 We grilled steaks again and added lots of sides, a DQ ice cream cake,
and everyone we love for dinner around our big outside farmhouse table~
 The sweetest day with grandlove Xs 2... and sweet baby Dove is growing~
Family and home are so very important, and we celebrated ALL that with our oldest, dearest 55 year old daddy!!!
We adore and love you beyond measure! XOXO

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