Thursday, September 29, 2016

Apple Orchard, Waterfalls, & Pumpkin Patch~

It is a family tradition to take a day during the week to visit Bryson's Apple Orchard~
 Everyone grabbed a bucket and headed off to find the biggest!
This was Calla's first time, and I remember last year telling the owner we would have a new baby when we came back.
So surreal to have her in our arms showing her what families do~
 We made it to the top of the hill with full buckets AND hearts~
 Time to pay up. We forgot the checkbook and no check cards accepted SO
it was a blessing SJ had 'her' money to loan us the cost of a wagon load of apples~
 We left with a carload of yumminess and drove on to Highlands, NC to Dry Falls
where the kids LOVE crawling in caves and walking behind the falls~
 We were so happy someone offered to take our family photo
and then I took the sweetest photos of just the kids~
We always buy a pumpkin from the little white church nestled in the mountains of Highlands
and enjoy ice cream/caramel turtle apples too.
It was certainly a full, long day but lots of memories were made
and family was seared into their hearts just a little more.
"Go Big or Go home!"

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