Apple Orchard, Waterfalls, & Pumpkin Patch~

Thursday, September 29, 2016

It is a family tradition to take a day during the week to visit Bryson's Apple Orchard~
 Everyone grabbed a bucket and headed off to find the biggest!
This was Calla's first time, and I remember last year telling the owner we would have a new baby when we came back.
So surreal to have her in our arms showing her what families do~
 We made it to the top of the hill with full buckets AND hearts~
 Time to pay up. We forgot the checkbook and no check cards accepted SO
it was a blessing SJ had 'her' money to loan us the cost of a wagon load of apples~
 We left with a carload of yumminess and drove on to Highlands, NC to Dry Falls
where the kids LOVE crawling in caves and walking behind the falls~
 We were so happy someone offered to take our family photo
and then I took the sweetest photos of just the kids~
We always buy a pumpkin from the little white church nestled in the mountains of Highlands
and enjoy ice cream/caramel turtle apples too.
It was certainly a full, long day but lots of memories were made
and family was seared into their hearts just a little more.
"Go Big or Go home!"


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

As every mom knows, the hour preparing for dinner is usually when the kids struggle
and that is very true for Calla.
She is tired and needs me to hold her but we have to eat so
when the little tantrum escalates~
Three words {Want to Stir?} completely changes the drama to dreamy.
Vegetable soup and cornbread ready when little ones are included, not ignored.
Taking it one meal at a time. :)

Poetry Teatime~

A skillet cookie, fancy dishes, and our favorite singing poem books~
Make Poetry Teatime the best!!!!!

Amelia's Basket Shower~

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Amelia had another shower today with LOTS of amazing gifts~
 The decorations were beautiful~
 and the hostesses delightful~
Such a wonderful day of getting Amelia ready for the big day and a life married to Logan!!!
Not long now!!!

Scripture and Sign Language~

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Our new memory verse this week has been fun.
It was another song on our Hide 'em in your heart CD and sung with letters.
I had a thought to teach them how to sign the letters~
We dot painted the verse and hung in our schoolroom.

{I have videos but can't get them to load.}

They even learned to sign their names.
There were lots of conversations around this topic and learning was at a high!

Nature Study~

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Remember all the caterpillars we found this past weekend?
EK could not stop searching her Nature guides and books~

 So we ran with it today by pulling all our books, enjoying a scavenger hunt for Luna Moth facts on our IPods (idea from Julie @ Brave Writer),
 and watching our latest Wild Explorer Club video~
 As they found facts about Luna Moths, I wrote them on our white board
then everyone sketched for their nature journals (which is our WEC assignment)~
Again everyone worked on their own level and created a beautiful entry for the day.
The afternoon will be spent exploring nature out in our yard just like they every day!

Wild Explorer Wednesday~ {First Day of Fall}

Today was the first day of Fall so we celebrated with books~
 Exploring outside searching for fallen leaves~
 Spending time in the 'hideout'~
 And creating art on the breezeway~
 We each shaved fall colored crayons onto wax paper then folded to melt with the iron.
Once cooled, we traced leaf shapes and cut out beautiful fall leaves~
 Then we read Leaf Man and created the cutest leaf creatures~
 We laminated them and added to our Art Story Notebooks~
Happy Fall Y'all!!!

Will @ Awana~

Will had his turn presenting colors this week~
So proud of him for being so brave and helpful!!!

Poetry Teatime~

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Today we made sugar cookie animals and Calla loved it~
Once they were ready to bake, we read poems while smelling the sweet smell~
Everyone enjoyed decorating with icing and sprinkles and sweet ice tea!
We are in the south don't you know!

While everyone did their bookwork today, I dumped two boxes of macaroni in a tub~
Pouring, spilling, and singing kept her busy for a whole hour!!! Score!

Creative Conversations with the Creator Kit~

I want to share about a wonderful opportunity I experienced over the last week or so. 
I received a Creative Conversations with the Creator Kit from Sparrow Fund and worked through the guide. 
It was the sweetest experience to have precious orphans on my mind as my hands created art. 
The proceeds obviously cover the cost of the kit but excess goes to fund orphan care initiatives in China. 
It would be SO amazing if others would try it as well! 
You can go to the website and order your kit today! 
Love Sparrow Fund and Kelly Hetrick Raudenbush as they continue loving on the least of the these!

A New Reader~

If ever anyone wanted to learn to read, Evie is that person.
And she doesn't want to start with BOB books...
She dreams of reading chapter books.
So who I am to squelch her dreams.

I posted about this a while ago, and she kind of lost interest.
Today she was back at it and wanted a new sight word GAME.
I wrote two words on a big sticky note and when she found one,
she said the word and gave it a check.

I kid you not... she worked on this all morning and even asked for another
to be used with another chapter book.

In my opinion, half the battle of learning to read is believing you can.
Evie is well on her way!!!

Caterpillars Galore~

Monday, September 19, 2016

The kids (and Amelia) found all kinds of caterpillars this weekend~
So we pulled our Very Hungry Caterpillar book and made Eric Carle our artist of the day~
 Everyone painted, added tissue paper collage, and wrote something so we could laminate them~
For our Story Art Notebooks.
Sometimes taking a rabbit trail or going with interests trumps all the other things planned.
A lovely day with my kiddos.


Sunday, September 18, 2016

Scott and I glanced into the sunroom today to see Calla sitting in a coffee table drawer~
We totally thought it was adorable and didn't say a word.
She pretty much gets to do whatever she wants around here...
glad its been pretty tame so far!

Lawn & Garden Shower~

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Amelia & Logan were given a Lawn & Garden shower by Amelia's aunts and uncles:
Jan & Ray, Susan, and Larry & Jennifer~

It was given at the pavilion of their church and had lots of family there~

  Lots of wonderful gifts to get this marriage off to a great start~
It was SO fun watching them open everything~
This Logan's parents~
 And us~
We are on the big countdown!!! Two more showers, a bridesmaids' brunch, rehearsal dinner, and...
30 more days to be ready for the Wedding!!!

Our School Week~

Friday, September 16, 2016

Tuesday was our first Poetry Teatime with Calla, and she thoroughly enjoyed it~

Our read aloud for now is Because of Winn Dixie.
We have loved reading and comparing to the movie.
EK and SJ follow along while I read as well as take turns reading a chapter for us~

Wednesday is Nature Day, and we still LOVE Wild Explorers Club.
This week we were to draw maps, and they turned out great of our yard~

Our memory verses are so fun this year since we added music.
This week I found the beanbags and we marched around balancing on our heads~
Galatians 6:9
So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. 
At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.

Week @ a Glance~

The last days of summer have included lots of golf cart rides and finding dragons in the clouds
along with helping dad drag big limbs through the yard for pickup~
 Awana is back in full swing and the girls are in Sparks this year.
This was the first time Calla ventured out of the carrier to take a pic with sweet Lily Hope~
 Ms. Jennifer gave the kids little Bibles to keep in their Awana bags so I snapped a photo.
When I looked back at it, Calla's face took my breath away...
It was the first genuine smile in a photo she had ever taken.
That is love shining from her soul through her eyes!

Today was Mid Autumn Moon Festival celebration in China so we celebrated too
with moon pies and an evening ride on the golf cart to watch the big Harvest Moon rise over our house~
It was fun especially since we had another half of our Friday Family Movie Night to enjoy
and always exciting when they get to stay up later... 9pm. :)
A good week and looking forward to the weekend!