Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Why I Love FIAR!~

On Wednesdays our enrichment is SCM Art Study and we are enjoying Monet.
As we read about him and looked at one of his paintings,
they learned he lived in Paris and this sparked their interest to read Madeline again.

THAT is Why I love FIAR {Five in a Row}...
there is always a connection to a beloved book that the kids want to read.
We of course chose Madeline's Rescue and even found 'Monet' painting by the bridge~

Everyone grabbed paint and brushes to create their own masterpiece.
This was the first time Calla had shown an interest in painting so watching Evie, she learned to watercolor~

EK & SJ~

PC & WP~

EC, HM, & CA~

We found the movie on YouTube and watched it as well~
We chose one activity to do with Madeline for three days and everyone loved it!

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