Sunday, August 7, 2016

Sunday Party~

Backing up to yesterday, Calla received big mail... her second of two Chatbooks made from IG photos~
 She loved this one filled with all the photos I had posted with #callaanneankerich since coming home.
The other book was photos of her before us and during China~ didn't like it at all.
Now she picks it up and wants me to talk her through it.
Such an important step in processing all the changes she has been through.

I had this huge pile of ironing to do but decided the later was way more important~

 I was so determined NOT to iron, I painted a coffee table and set up a reading area in our sunroom~

Today we celebrate SJ's 9th birthday again with her big siblings (except Rosie)~
 It was a very happy time opening presents and eating cupcakes~
Sunday parties are awesome!

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