Thursday, August 11, 2016

Something Old, Something New~

I am bringing back FIAR Vol 1 with the 5 youngest
 (and the 2 older listened too even though they were working on book work!).
We listened to Ping via Youtube and drew ducks in our journals using Draw Write Now~
 Added in a little tissue paper to make it an 'ativty' from Evie and they copied a fact~
We will add more each day while we read again.
I was concerned they might not like that we had already read this story
but I don't think they really remembered it and definitely understood it better this time
(knew this from their narrations).
Just a testament to not counting out an old faithful like FIAR!!!

Something New is Quiver of Arrows from Bravewriter.
I LOVE Bravewriter and use many facets of it.
I have had Quiver of Arrows in a file for a long time
and yesterday it dawned on me as we listened to The Cricket in Times Square,
I should pull it out~
 Everyone is listening to the story but I did Quiver with just EK and SJ~
They copied part of a passage (in their most beautiful cursive).
We discussed the literary element and grammar terms.
It was delightful, simple, and meaningful.

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