Monday, August 29, 2016

SJ's Forever Day~

Today we have loved SJ forever for 6 years~
We met SJ in one of the hottest places in China we've ever been in the dead of summer in Fuzhou, China.
We walked into a conference room in the hotel
and she was sitting in a big black chair wondering what in the world was going on.
She didn't come to us happy and safe.
She cried deep terrified sobs and didn't want us at all.
It wasn't long before EK and I had her smiling with bubbles and a beach ball.
Forever Day was one of the worst days of SJ's life and never would I wish any child to endure it
but we are SO thankful God chose us to love her through the hard days
and bring her to forever love~
She has smiles for days now, and we give every bit of that glory to God!
He chose her, He redeemed her, and He loaned her to us for time on earth.
She is His daughter and we will all be together in heaven one day!
THAT is the reason for all of this!

"There is no growth without change.
There is no change without loss.
There is no loss without pain."
~Rick Warren

Such is the story of Jesus' love for us!
SO thankful for this beautiful girl and the gift to be her mom!!!
Happy Forever SJ!!!

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