Friday, August 19, 2016

Fun Friday: {Beautiful Feet Geography & Nature Study}~

Friday's enrichment is nature and we throw in a little Beautiful Feet Geography too.
Today we pulled out our maps and colored while listening to Tree in the Trail~
 Even Calla has her own map and does her own thing.

Because Tree in the Trail is very nature oriented, we headed outside to find something God made~
 I'm amazed daily how much Calla understands and gets what we are doing.
She walked behind everyone else and picked up what they chose.
We taped our treasures to an index card then headed in to label and add to nature journals~
 One last thing we have loved doing on Fridays for about three weeks now is
Brave Writer's Free Write Frenzy where I time them for 5 min
and they must write the whole time without picking up their pencils~
The first time Payne and Will just wrote their names over and over and over
but this time they actually wrote words!
It has become a contest with themselves... they want to write more words each time~
Calla is very good at scribbling which is a step in the writing process too~
A Fun Friday for sure!!!

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