Sunday, August 28, 2016

Calla's Dental Surgery~

When we met Calla in China, we discovered she had extensive dental decay
and would need a specialist to help her mouth heal.
Soon after we were home, we took her to a pediatric surgeon, and she was put on a very long waiting list.
Our cardiologist said that was not acceptable and was successful moving her up the list.
We still waited over a month and a half for surgery day on Friday.

We live at least two hours from the hospital so it was a very early departure for an 8am appointment.
I downloaded Barney and she watched it on the way.
We colored, watched more Barney, and played games while we waited for her surgery time.
She drank her sleepy juice and didn't even know when they wheeled her to OR~

 We received a call from the surgeon early on to tell us surgery would take longer than expected.
She would have 7 extractions, 4 crowns, and every single tooth had a cavity needing a filling.
We waited 3 hours for our baby to roll back into the room.
She was the perfect patient!
A really sweet thing to note...
{in recovery the nurse asked if she was ready to see her mommy, and she pulled back the covers to come find me}...
THAT is proof of attachment and bonding!
We received all her sweet little teeth, ate a couple of popsicles, and were released to head home~
 We got home about 5ish and dinner was waiting for us!
All the other kids stayed home with Aunt Susan and were so glad to see their little CaaCaa~
She ate some yogurt and applesauce then requested some outside time.
Memommy sent her pink and purple Magnaforms, and she loved them.
Yesterday we spent the day trying to be quiet and calm.
We did everything we could think of including dot painting.

Today she has felt great, eating well, and playing.
I think she is healing and on the mend!!!
Thankful to have this behind us
and will move forward to another possible heart surgery to correct the way her incision healed.
God knows and has it all under control!

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  1. I'm glad everything goes fine with her dental surgery. I hope my kid will be like her on her upcoming dental surgery.


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