Tuesday, August 23, 2016

CallaAnne~ {3 Months}

3 Months ago today on May 23rd we held Calla for the first time~

If you have followed me very long, you know the progression and growth in my children is very important to document...

Are you ready to see the change LOVE makes?
 I'm amazed so I know you are!

In three months she now...
Understands most everything we say to her.
She can answer with one to two words phrases.
 She names her family and knows HOME when pull back into the driveway.
She is so very loving always wanting us to hug and kiss each other.
{She pulls two people's heads together so they will love on each other}
 She's funny, loves to sing/music {new favorite song is Jingle Bells... always wears her bell}
and she had begun singing lots of songs in English!
She follows her sibs around babbling long phrases after they say something and smiles SO big!
She has a big surgery this Friday to repair the issues in her mouth.
We've been through this with SJ so we know the drill
BUT it is never easy to let them be put under for any procedure.
I know it will only add to the continued improved health in our TOF heart girl!

CallaAnne is a true gift to us and perfect example of God's blessing of obedience.
She, as well as her sisters and brothers, take our breath away daily!

There is no higher calling then loving a child.
Please pray about bringing home one of the millions waiting for a family!


  1. Love this post! God does bless obedience!! We have been praying for Calla's surgery, and will continue to pray!

  2. Just found your blog through a FB link! Love! We have a Chinese daughter, adopted 12/2005. :-)


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