Saturday, August 20, 2016

Block Love~

Every child should have a set of blocks in their home!
I don't care if they seem babyish or old fashioned.
Our kids LOVE them and build amazing things every day.
Up until today they have been thrown in a big box.
I asked Evie is she would like to help me organize them and she said YES!~
 We traced the blocks in the colors of the rainbow and taped them to the shelf~
 The structures they have built since organizing are amazing.
EK used all of them to create this wall around Calla~
 And Payne created this cathedral~
There is much learning going on with this cabinet of blocks~ maybe even raising a few engineers.
A little effort can go a long way in building greatness!
{Mama, tell Ms. Gay we are still using a shelf Mr. Glen made you long ago!}

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