Sunday, July 3, 2016

Home One Month Today~

Calla has been home for a month now and we are beginning to fall into a new normal.
She still adores Evie and Evie certainly feels the same~

She LOVES being outside doing whatever her sibs are doing like chalk~
 At first she was so terrified of the dogs, she wouldn't even get down to play.
Now she points to them and laughs wanting to like them so bad.
I know in time, she too will be a dog lover just like the rest of the crew~

She still loves her water table more and more and insists on going without a shirt when playing.
She is also tolerating cold treats now.
Don't you just love her first pigtails and the story that brave scar could tell~

One day at a time this little one is finding her way to knowing what family and love are~

We have positioned a basket of books in the family room to grab and read.
Up until this week she has wanted to nothing to do with them.
She is quite the fan of having her OWN ideas so now SHE is choosing books.
Her favorite is Cornelius P. Mudd, Are You Ready For Bed?~

I've already written about her love for our family photos.
It dawned on me she needed to see herself in the photos too and boy was I right.
She stands and looks then says, "Calla?".
Yes sweet one, you are part of us and our love for you is forever~
Home one month today!!!

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