Thursday, July 14, 2016

Curriculum for Individual Levels~

Because we school year round, we don't ever finish up a book at a certain time then wait to begin the next. If they finish up a math book in February, we just order the next one and continue on.

EK: 5th grade :

and she is halfway through all these materials and will move onto the next level the first of 2017:

Spelling You See~ C: I love how this spelling program is repetitive for 5 days reinforcing the skills introduced. I also require her to completely write in cursive so she is practicing her handwriting/copywork as well.

Growing with Grammar: Level 2: I love this because it is pretty self explanatory and EK works independently. I only require her to do one side of the front and back lesson so its lasts twice as long and reduces burn out!

Math U See~ Gamma: EK is not a big math fan so I have not pushed her to go fast. Slow and easy wins the race and it paying off. MUS has been our math spine for 4 years now so it's definitely staying.

Nature Journal~ EK writes, draws, or glues photographs in her black nature journal most every day. She choose the medium for illustration and gets writing in through this independent approach.

Kindle~ My mom gave EK a Kindle for her birthday and it has been a great addition to her reading life. She LOVES to read a sample of a book to get a feel for whether she wants to read or not. It is a good strategy for choosing library books as well. It is a paperwhite and travels everywhere we go~ never without something to read!

SJ: 3rd grade:

and she uses the same resources as EK but on her level.

Spelling You See: B
Growing with Grammar: Level 1
Math U See: Beta
Nature Journal
Kindle (borrows mine)

PC & WP: 2nd Grade:

Spelling You See: A
Math U See: Alpha
Journal Writing
Little Bear for reading right now

EC & HM: Kindergarten:

FIAR for Literature and Journal Writing
Kumon Workbooks
Math U See: Primer
Explode the Code: Level A-C


She is preschooler and will be with us when she wants to and play when she wants to. She enjoys sitting at the table cutting, glueing, coloring, scribbling~

We are pretty much in the swing of things for this school year and love all our choices so far! I didn't add links but should be pretty easy to google most any of the materials I have listed.

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