Sunday, June 5, 2016


We arrived at the airport to Savannah and Amelia waiting for us. There were no words to describe how it felt to come home to your grown children. God has blessed us big with them! We had about 2 hours to home and when we arrived about midnight everyone was done. Loved that Rosie, EK, and SJ had waited up on us. 

Calla was SO scared in our house. Late at night. Over tired and sick. We finally coaxed her through a bath and into the middle of our bed. We slept from 1-4 and rested until 5 then the travelers were up for a toast party. 

Morning brought some courage and she was down playing in no time~
The kids were sitting around her and I asked Scott to take a photo. They all were excited because it would be in her China book ~
So very sweet for them to finally be together!

Because call had been running a fever for two weeks with us, we felt sure we needed to have her seen right away. We took her to Scottish Rite emergency care and through some testing found she needed hospital care~
We took her toEgleston and she was admitted. Scott and the kids stayed for a little while and then they needed to get home before jetlag kicked in. 

I've been here before about 6 years ago with SJ so I knew the drill. It is so very traumatic on Calla but the best bonding as I lie with her in bed and hold her through all the sticks and vitals~
 When I have moments when I want to be sad we are here away from our family, I stop and give thanks we are home in the States getting the very best care possible. Thank You Jesus for getting is here and hearing our baby!!!


  1. Yes, a blessing indeed to be where she can receive the medical care she so desperately needs. So glad you took her to the doctors right away. Praying for her and our sweet family.

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