Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Been a While~

The kids have continued to school even though I haven't been blogging.
While we were gone to China, my sister and Nan kept the kids in the groove.
They mainly did their book work: Math U See, Spelling You See, Grammar book, and for fun, a circle a word book.

Since getting home with Calla, we have worked hard to find a new routine.
Calla wants to be doing what the big kids are doing and today she drew in her journal and tried her hand at cutting.
She is very happy to be busy and has a pretty long attention span.

The boys never verbalized they were bored with the BOB books, but I felt it was time to move to a (real) book.
We chose Frog and Toad and they were hooked.
SJ actually got them interested by reading to them.
On the first day I made a copy of first two pages then 2 pages per day.
We practiced the new pages and I could see the confidence building.
Today they got the last two pages of the story and read the whole thing to me.
I am SO proud of them!!!
We will continue with this reading habit for a while~
A sweet teacher at church dropped off these adorable tshirts for the kids and they all chose to wear them today.
A very sweet day with these babies!!!

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