Tuesday, May 24, 2016

We Said YES~

It's been a very rough night for Scott. He was sick all night long but managed to get us down to breakfast and let me just say Calla can eat! She loved congee, scrambled eggs, dry cereal, and toast. Evie loved helping me feed her~
I am so amazed at our new girl!!! She has become one of the bitties with perfect cuteness!!!~

We facetimed our kids at home so they could see their sweet baby sister~

Then we met our guide to go back to Civil Affairs to Say YES to our new girl!!! She went right to her orphanage staff and it was sweet! She played with them a little while then held her hands up for me to take her. She knows I am her mama~

The officer at Civil Affairs interviewed us and finished up our paperwork. She was a delight and truely seemed thrilled we were adopting Calla~

Then it was gift time. Scott's sister and friends made over 20 little sundresses to give to girls in Calla's orphanage. The staff was overwhelmed with the gift. Thank you Jan!!! They will make a bunch of little girls feel beautiful!!! We were given a whole photo album of Calla's time at orphanage and the most treasured gift... A photo of her with her foster mom. Priceless!!! I will never let her forget!!!

Praise for God.. While we were in Civil Affairs, our new friends prayed over Scott and he was overcome with emotion because he felt the sickness go right out of him! The Holy Spirit!!! We stopped my McDonald's on the way home for takeout~

We had our first hotel {condo as Evie calls it} picnic and Calla loved it~
She is a chicken nugget and French fry fan now!!!
Calla loves bubbles and stickers~
It's been a super sweet time falling love and just SO thankful for every single blessing!!!!!

After a good nap, we took a walk and let the girls pick a prize at Walmart for being so awesome with everything they've dealt with~

We came back to paint toenails and color~
Yay for Tuesday!!! 


  1. She is just beyond precious.... love seeing her connect so quickly with her new family!! Praise God! :)


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