Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Poetry Teatime~

Our day began with Awana scripture art, and we were inspired by our beautiful friend Kim Bolton on IG~
She is lettering a verse for 30 days and we tried our hand at it.
They turned out beautiful!

 Then we were on to Poetry Teatime with ritz, nutella, and marshmallow puffs and
sprinkle chocolate milk treats~
 We gathered in the sunroom on the floor to read a stack of poetry library books~
 ALL the kids LOVE these Silly Song Books but SJ ADORES them~
{Affiliate Link}
 She sits for an hour at a time to learn the tune, add the words, and sing the song.
Today we were honored she chose to share a few with us.
Such a fun way to enjoy poetry and make us all happy!!!

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