Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Frog Day~

This TMI but this a.m. I stood up to flush and saw a little frog sitting on the back of the toilet.
I thought 'that's funny EK tried to scare me with this little fake frog' so I took a closer look...
AND IT JUMPED!!! I almost had fainted!

I yelled for EK, and she came running.
"Oh mom! That's just a little gray tree frog."
Okay but I don't want it hopping around in the house!!!

She asked for a jar and went out to create a beautiful home for her new little pet~
 The beauty of a child's soul spills forth when they hold something they love near.

As soon as the terrarium was all set up, EK came in to gather all her nature books
and began to read us everything she could find about gray tree frogs~
{EK named him Banquet, and he is our pet for the next week}
 I searched through the pantry and brought out some ingredients to make edible frogs on a log~
 We made frog life cycle spinners for our notebooks~
 We also read lots of frog stories and poems~
 We laminated our science project~
 And set up a little science table with our little nature pets~
It was a super fun day learning exactly what the kids were interested in!!! Frogs!

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  1. EK is a treasure-totally unafraid of critters. Usually as you may know by now, tree frogs enter via the plumbing vents on the roof. Happened to me once and like you, I almost passed out. The plumber came and fixed the cover on the roof vent. He also said that squirrels are just as inquisitive and like tree frogs, have been found in the toilet bowl. Yikes!


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