Tuesday, April 12, 2016

D.E.A.R Day {Drop Everything and Read Day}

Today was Beverly Cleary's 100th birthday and Sarah @ Read Aloud Revival challenged everyone to DEAR Day, so we took it.
We started our morning gathered on the Story quilt surrounded by books and our Macy girl~
 I had also set up reading Activities all around the house so after we read, I shouted ACTIVITY and they ran to find one~
 Lots of things were out they would never choose but because it was a game, they loved it!
I also sat up independent reading areas from audible/books, tag readers, and listening books~
 We even made up a game with ABC dice and scrabble cheese-its:
roll the dice, name the letter, make the sound, and name something that begins with it (older girls had to name a book title that began with the letter!)~
 I would call out Story time, and they would run back to the quilt so I could read to them
and because they loved all the activities I had out,
I put them in our red chest for DEAR time anytime!~
 This was late in the afternoon when they chose story cubes to play because we had played earlier~
This just might turn out to be a THING we do more often! Huge smiles!!!

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