Friday, April 1, 2016

A Little This and That~

Tuesday we celebrated Poetry Teatime with rice krispie treat birdnests and green tea~
 Everyone got robin eggs in their Easter baskets so we were made edible nests~
 Another surprise in their baskets were these little art board books.
They are learning about each artist as well as the work they created!!!
Each book is written in rhyme, so they were perfect for our poetry time.

We have really found a great rhythm for our bible time each morning.
The four youngest got 'real' bibles in their Easter baskets,
because they want to highlight Awana scripture like the girls and I~
Our new devotional is Leading Little Ones to God, 
and we are highlighting that verse each day too~

 I see lots of great things coming from this practice each morning:
* learning how to have a quiet time
* learning how to find the scripture
* rereading scripture they have memorized
* a love for God's Word
* growing in a relationship with Christ~

After the goose outing, EK took her art story time to sketch, paint, and write about seeing them~

The other five decided to try their hand at copying the masters~

This week our FIAR selection was Mrs. Katz and Tush.
She was befriended by a neighbor boy who loved her wonderful stories.
She was a widow and lived all alone until the day she was givien a cat, Tush.
It gave us so many topics for discussion and an act of kindness for our Fun Friday activity.

We decided to make cupcakes~
 and paint postcards~
 then deliver to lots of people we love~
6 out of our 10 stops were widows.
It was a beautiful treat for our family and sure hoping it was for the ones we visited too!!!

Another great week at Ankerich Academy!!!

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