Friday, March 25, 2016

Easter Week~

Our first book was Rechenka's Eggs and after reading, we met the author, Patricia Palacco~

The book described a lady creating beautiful Ukrainian decorated eggs, so I blew out six eggs saving them for breakfast~

 I punched holes in both ends with an ice pick. Harder than it seemed~

On Wednesday, we used our Resurrection Eggs to tell the story of Jesus~

Our history lesson was Christopher Columbus so we printed a page from our book, painted, and wrote what we learned about him~

Thursday, our eggs were clean and dry so we painted with watercolors and colored with sharpies~
 It was very delicate work~
 They turned out Beautiful~

Friday we all picked our favorite nature book, drew, and painted for our art stories~
 Everyone worked so hard~
 More amazing stories for their notebooks~

Finally Friday we needed to get our eggs ready for the egg hunt so we stuffed and stuffed~

 Our book for the day was this beautiful story~
We all painted sunrises and created stained glass crosses for our notebooks~
They wrote He Is Alive!
It was an awesome week as we prepared for Easter.

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