Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter 2016~

All the baskets were filled with love, and everyone woke to a happy day.
The four youngest got new 'real' bibles and were SO excited~
 Today was also EK's 10th gotcha day, so she got an extra special book for drawing nature~
 For breakfast we made Resurrection Rolls, and thanked Jesus for being Alive~

You remember SJ going to visit Pastor Steve last week, and today she made it public~
{thank you Savannah for the photos... priceless!!!}

After shaking hands and greeting our new church family, we went out front for family photos~

Back home for a lovely lunch with my family, mom, and dad.
BC opened his basket~
 We ALL loved having him here and loving on him~

These photos speak volumes to my heart.
Today EK has been a sister to her bigs for 10 years, and SJ is now their sister in Christ!
Not sure Easter could get any better than this~
 More sweet photos of BC~
 Around 4 we enjoyed one more egg hunt with cousins~
We got it in right before the bottom dropped out.
Super fun Easter and EllaKate Day all rolled into one!!!

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