Thursday, March 31, 2016

We had a big hiccup in our paperwork this week with USCIS which gave me yet another chance
to realized I am not in charge of this journey.
I was very upset but chose to accept and move on.
Today we received a wonderful report about our growing girl and these sweet photos~
 They are blurry because I screen shot them from a PDF, but you can't deny the cuteness~
It was definitely a JOY to see her sweet face and know God loves us very much!!!
He has the timeline down to the perfect moment she will be in our arms!

Podcast World~

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

One day I casually mentioned to Amber Leggio we might create a podcast
since we talk almost every day about our families, adoption, or homeschooling.
She was sure it was a good idea.
SO good that her husband Joe bought us mics and headphones to kick us off the waiting wall~
We've had two recording sessions which we both thought were awful...
WHO wants to listen to their own voice?
We plan to get serious and record our real first show this next week.
We have leapt into the Podcast World and hope to go live by middle of April.

Would LOVE suggested topics for future shows.

The Lake

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Everyday about 10 EK and SJ take all the dogs out for a walk.
Today EK heard geese honking at the lake and walked down to see them.
She came running back to say we all needed to go down too~
 By the time we all changed into rain boots and got down there, the geese were gone
but we had fun throwing rocks, walking the plank out to the dock, and observing pollen~
Thankful for impromptu nature walks and how much joy it brings my crew!!!

Happy 10th EllaKate Day~

Monday, March 28, 2016

It is amazing to think we have loved EK for 10 years.
She is one of the best gifts our family has ever received.
She has made us all better to know her~
Today I wrote how she has changed me over the last 10 years HERE.
Please go read, be changed, and subscribe to my blog post.

Easter 2016~

Sunday, March 27, 2016

All the baskets were filled with love, and everyone woke to a happy day.
The four youngest got new 'real' bibles and were SO excited~
 Today was also EK's 10th gotcha day, so she got an extra special book for drawing nature~
 For breakfast we made Resurrection Rolls, and thanked Jesus for being Alive~

You remember SJ going to visit Pastor Steve last week, and today she made it public~
{thank you Savannah for the photos... priceless!!!}

After shaking hands and greeting our new church family, we went out front for family photos~

Back home for a lovely lunch with my family, mom, and dad.
BC opened his basket~
 We ALL loved having him here and loving on him~

These photos speak volumes to my heart.
Today EK has been a sister to her bigs for 10 years, and SJ is now their sister in Christ!
Not sure Easter could get any better than this~
 More sweet photos of BC~
 Around 4 we enjoyed one more egg hunt with cousins~
We got it in right before the bottom dropped out.
Super fun Easter and EllaKate Day all rolled into one!!!

Easter Egg Hunt~

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Our church planned an Easter Egg Hunt at our pastor's home.
The kids had counted down the days for the whole month of March.
Everyone gathered for a story and jellybean activity~

The first to hunt eggs were the preschoolers~

Next were the big kids.
I had to stand in the middle to take photos of everyone~
 They all came away with baskets full~
 It was such a fun day~
Homeward bound to open eggs and eat candy!!!
We love Easter Egg Hunts!

Easter Week~

Friday, March 25, 2016

Our first book was Rechenka's Eggs and after reading, we met the author, Patricia Palacco~

The book described a lady creating beautiful Ukrainian decorated eggs, so I blew out six eggs saving them for breakfast~

 I punched holes in both ends with an ice pick. Harder than it seemed~

On Wednesday, we used our Resurrection Eggs to tell the story of Jesus~

Our history lesson was Christopher Columbus so we printed a page from our book, painted, and wrote what we learned about him~

Thursday, our eggs were clean and dry so we painted with watercolors and colored with sharpies~
 It was very delicate work~
 They turned out Beautiful~

Friday we all picked our favorite nature book, drew, and painted for our art stories~
 Everyone worked so hard~
 More amazing stories for their notebooks~

Finally Friday we needed to get our eggs ready for the egg hunt so we stuffed and stuffed~

 Our book for the day was this beautiful story~
We all painted sunrises and created stained glass crosses for our notebooks~
They wrote He Is Alive!
It was an awesome week as we prepared for Easter.

Holly's Passport~

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

We received Holly's passport so she and Evie can go with us to get CallaAnne~
Now it's time to apply for our visas. Getting closer!

My Scripture Helper~

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I looked in the sunroom to see SJ checking memory verses for Awana~
LOVE my Scripture Helper!!!

Older Child Adoption Series

Monday, March 21, 2016

I am sharing an Older Child Adoption Series this week at A Beautiful Symphony~
A new story each day from an adoptive friend.

Weekend Sweets~

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Rosie and Hayden were gorgeous as they headed off to ZTA formal @ Chateau Elan~

The boys sang in their first performance at church today, and we were so proud of them~
Click video if you would like to see~
Good job boys!!!

All About Rocks and Volcanoes~

Saturday, March 19, 2016

We had a great school week!
The kids have really been interested rocks lately, so I went with it.
We collected the rock books we owned and ordered a few more from Amazon.
Our first day we read about the layers of the Earth~
 And painted our own model~

Tuesday we enjoyed a Poetry Teatime~
 Then we watched youtube videos about volcanoes and learned to draw them~
 Beautiful work~

Our bible time was centered around the events of Easter.
We loved the scripture, "Even the stones will cry out" Luke 19:40~
 We usually read from our story bible in the mornings.
An article Hayden sent me encouraged us to find it in our real bibles and read that at night.
It has been SO meaningful, and the kids LOVE reading along in their bibles too!

Thursday we read the best book called If You Find a Rock and sorted our rocks into groups~
 I brought out my special memory rock for CallaAnne!
EK and SJ both have this awesome rock collections, and they enjoyed naming the rocks.
For our art story, we copied our new memory verses and illustrated~

Fun Friday was awesome!
I read A Rock is Lively and while the big girls played Rock on with the littles~
 I pulled together a science experiment for daddy to do with them~
 Everyone helped mix the ingredients for a volcano~
 We learned that rocks are mixed with minerals like cookies are mixed with ingredients so...
We made sugar cookies~
 Everyone divided their paper into fourths and drew the steps of our science experiment~
Daddy approved of our science reports, and I think they are hooked on How Science Works now!

Thinking the rock thing might just continue next week too!!!