Monday, February 1, 2016

Birthday Celebration with our Children~

Evie and I will celebrate our birthday on Wednesday, but today I received some beautiful gifts
from my amazing friend Lori... a blanket for CA and adorable outfit plus this gorgeous bracelet~
 The blanket is just so sweet, and I already look forward to wrapping CA up for a cuddle!

Our big girls wanted to go out for a birthday dinner so we all met in Athens for Hibachi~
 This was a BIG first for all our littles, and they handled the fire and noise perfectly!
It was just SO fun to be together on a weeknight~
 There were gifts, dinner, and delicious cupcakes~
I could not love my family more, and SO thankful to share my birthday with Eviebaby!!!
Thank you all for a perfect big family birthday party!!!

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  1. Love the beautiful gifts - that was so nice of her!! Looks like you guys had a great time! Which restaurant did you go to?