Thursday, February 4, 2016

Birthday Week~

Evie and I celebrated our birthdays on Wednesday.
The difference in her over the last three years is astounding!
Daddy left us both sweet K cup notes and she thought she should have coffee too~
 It was raining like crazy but it wasn't keeping us home.
We met Scott @ The Iron Wok for Chinese~
 Then to the toy store for Evie to choose her birthday gifts.
We started this tradition over the last round of birthdays and let me say it is a BIG hit~
 Sissy bought her this adorable doctor's outfit, memommy gave her rainboots, and
we gave her another Calico Critter house and family~
 She also got new blankets... this girl LOVES her blankets to 'eat' as she says~
We went to church that night so the kids could stay in a routine~
I've been amazed to watch them mesh in with new friends
and enjoy going to their 'class'!
It was a very fun day and we are looking forward to celebrating again on Sunday!

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