Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Morning Basket~

The BEST resource for Morning Basket is HERE but this is my version~
The thinking behind this basket is having everything you will begin you day with in a central place.

It is also a tangible way to see what's been done and what's left.

In my basket (which was made by Scott in middle school woodshop class), I have~

  • Bible and devotional
  • FIAR book (activity for the day on a sticky)
  • Poetry
  • History/Geography
  • Science book
  • Math Game
  • Chapter book for now
  • IPad for YouTube or Google
When I first began this routine, I tried to make it through everything in the basket
but then we didn't get to anything else.
Then I tried just doing what we could for a period of time then stopping but then I had to find my place.
SO now we have a Morning Basket Schedule:
  • Monday~ Bible, Devo, FIAR, History (Geography- afternoon with bigs)
  • Tuesday~ Bible, Devo, Poetry, Science(Geography- afternoon with bigs)
  • Wednesday~ Bible, Devo, FIAR, History, (Geography- afternoon with bigs)
  • Thursday~ Bible, Devo, Music, Science, (Geography- afternoon with bigs)
  • Friday~ Bible, Devo, FIAR, Cooking, Art
Table Work alternates with Journal Writing and Math is Daily

This routine for January has been simple and manageable. I read a beautiful quote while reading Teaching From Rest which you HAVE to read~
"School is not about school. Homeschool is not about school. It's about pursuing wisdom; it's about becoming virtuous beings; it's about soul transformation." ~Andrew Kern

I couldn't help but think this SO true when I walked in the sunroom to find EK
enthralled in the 4th book of a series she is reading~
There is nothing more important to me than my children knowing Jesus
and growing closer to Him.
I am SO thankful to have days, weeks, months, and years of time of impression and guidance.
Growing Whole Hearts!!!

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