Saturday, January 30, 2016

More CallaAnne~

I got word from a friend someone was looking for me on FB to share a wealth of CallaAnne photos~
Anyone who has brought home a child through adoption knows,
old photos from the child's past will be precious treasures one day.
I am SO thankful for amazing people who have traveled to CA's orphanage to love on the least of these.
They have loved on our baby and are sponsoring her to live in a foster family!
They describe her as breath taking and so very sweet.
I can certainly see it in the photos we were given... all 90 of them plus video.
Just too precious to take it all in!
We are in awe of God's grace and mercy!


  1. What an awesome gift and a wonderful heritage for CallaAnne one day. She is a beautiful baby!

  2. Love all the new photos of CallaAnne!! She's just precious. So excited for you all. I'm trying to keep up with your blog, sorry I don't always comment! Love your new header. I've got to do that! :)