Thursday, January 21, 2016

Just Let Them Mess~

Evie is a master at making a mess masterpiece and for the most part, I let her.
She absolutely LOVES paint, glue, and tape.
They have a white table in the school room where they are forever creating
and over the last few weeks, it has gotten caked with all the art supplies~
 Now just as much as Evie loves to mess, she does not enjoy cleaning but she does give in.
Today I gave them the most FUN way to clean by spraying shaving cream and letting them play~
 I also opened the cabinet with the alphabet and they wrote letters, numbers, and drew pictures
all the time cleaning while they played~
 After they had cleaned played their hearts out, I scraped the table with my spatula~
And ended up with a pearly white clean table.
I took a photo because it won't last long, but that's okay!
Just let them mess!
They are only kids for a little while!!

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