Friday, January 15, 2016


As I have schooled the last few years, I thought we needed a handwriting curriculum to practice.
This past year I decided a printed handwriting curriculum was just NOT necessary.

In using this American History, there are little snippets to copy and I am using them for handwriting practice~
After all, what is the sole purpose of handwriting?... So it can be read for communication and if we can read it, task done.
It will improve with real writing, not superficial work that is boring and unnecessary.

 I DO think cursive practice is important and for that we used Handwriting without Tears
but now that the letters are learned, we practice with Real Writing~
Above you will see how I write for the older ones to copy and Holly is still tracing.
Giving children real reasons to write allows them practice and time to improve.
Completing two tasks in one and giving more time to play!!!

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