Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Eye Appt Day~

Today EC had an eye appointment and when I came back to gather everyone to leave
I found this beautiful picture of my children waiting for me to get ready.

I'm asked all the time HOW I care for so many children. It has a lot to do with this oldest love surrounded by her sibs reading to them while waiting for me. I have help with these little people~ they are my help. We do this together as a family. It's not about me caring for them. It has everything to do with us as a family taking care of each other. God gives us the portion we need for this one day and we cling to it with all we have. So very thankful for the life I have with them~
Evie got a great report from the doctor... her eyes are better and they reduced her prescription
and she is getting new glasses!!!
She and Payne will be celebrating their family days in the next week
so we went to the bookstore so they could pick out a little surprise.
It was a great day and we even stopped by to see this angel~
Love my sweet BC!!!!!

I wrote a blog post @ A Beautiful Symphony of WHY we choose to celebrate our children's Gotcha Day~
To Celebrate or Not to Celebrate.

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