Sunday, January 24, 2016

A CallaAnne Story~

Not long after we accepted CA's referral, we found out she was being sponsored by Grace & Hope for Children.

I had several friends reach out and suggest I follow them on FB so I did in hopes of seeing our baby.

Over the month of December they collected coats and delivered to children all over China.
They took photos and began sharing online.

I was diligent in checking for CA's orphanage and this past week, I saw her~
Smiling in a little red coat.
It is hard to explain how it feels to see a glimpse of our child...
kind of like seeing an ultrasound and wanting a photo to carry around.
SO very thankful to know she is well and warm.

Such a great surprise on the same day we would hear we are Logged In (LID)
on Jan 19 which was super quick!
Now we wait for LOA (Letter of Acceptance).
We will be there soon CallaAnne!!!


  1. This is so sweet!! I remember very well how much those glimpses through a photo glad you saw this!!!

  2. Such a precious face and picture! CA is beautiful! So glad you received your LID so quickly.