Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Call to Prayer~ {Pathology and Prayer: A Diagnosis to Share}

I have had a post churning in my heart about Horrible, Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Days in the adoption life because I never want to give the impression everything is all perfect here. It is not! We have our up days and our down days.
That post never came together but I opened FB on Sunday, January 17 to read the post below sharing the diagnosis of cancer for a precious adoptive friend of mine, Rebecca.
Rebecca and I met each other in China way back in 2010 when we were adopting SJ and she Claire. There is something about being in China away from family and surviving each day with a new child that brings families close. We became instant friends and the rest is history. Even with the passing of time and certainly the miles between, we have continued our friendship and supported each other through some pretty big stuff.
But THIS is the biggest so far. There was no way I could sit quietly by praying alone. I need ALL of you on your knees praying for my friend! She has an amazing husband, Mark, and four beautiful children that need us to pray as well. God is a healer and will hear us. PRAY!
Rebecca is a strong, beautiful person who spends her time caring for her family, loving everyone around her, and advocating like crazy for orphans around the world. She is important and has much left to do. She is an amazing writer @ La Doce VitaUngrind, and No Hand But Ours.
Please read Rebecca’s post below and leave a prayer for her in a comment. I will forward them all to her for encouragement and to let her know, we are ALL fighting for her, with her, always. Blessings and love to all who do!!!

Go HERE to read the rest of my post at A Beautiful Symphony.

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