Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Morning~

Scott and I woke an hour or so before the excitement and sipped our coffee in the quiet of the morning.
Everything was ready for the Christmas morning festivities~
It wouldn't be long (around 7) before we heard feet hit the floor and a scurry of giggling ensued.

Our tradition is for everyone to gather on the stairs for a sleep face photo, check to see if the reindeer found their food, and walk blindly toward the gifts~
SO much excitement it was hard to capture it all!
Hearing the shrieks of laughter and gasps, I was sure they loved what they saw~
 We decided this year each one would get two things of their own and one thing to share with their roommate.
They LOVED it~
Oh look mom! Wow dad! Can you help me Mimi and Gigi? were the things we heard for the next few hours~
 Scott and I just stood back amazed to see the many miracles God had given us through the last 30 years...
not the material gifts... the human gifts!!!~
 The bigs were so patient to watch the littles open every single gift and help as well
then it was their turn and the smiles say it all~
 The dogs were not left out. They had big bones from Santa and EK/SJ made them little stuffed animals to maul :) ~
 While Scott, Rosie, and I made breakfast, Amelia helped everyone with the building of play mobiles and legos.
Everyone loved just hanging out and enjoying each other~
 My Christmas Joy~
These beautiful faces gave me ALL I needed this Christmas.
Thank You Jesus for being born to us and blessing me with the sweetest family ever!!!

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  1. I love that huge dollhouse. Your Christmas morning looks like it was wonderful. My daughter and I leave for China on Saturday for our two girls. Your blog has been an inspiration as we have waited. Thanks for such a beautiful blog to read.