Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Adoption Update~

We received our I800A approval (USCIS saying we are approved to adopt CA)
which was the last document needed for our dossier.
Today we walked all our documents into the GA Secretary of State in Atlanta
and had them authenticated then sent on to Houston for more authenticating.
When they return to us, I will overnight to our agency, Bay Area Adoption Services, 
and they will send to China making us DCT... Dossier to China~
Once it is China, we wait to be Logged In and wait once again for LOA~ Letter of Acceptance from China
saying YES, you can adopt CallaAnne!
We were happy to drop by to see Savannah and family. LOOK how tall EK is getting~

 It has rained SO much over the holidays and we have spent much time inside.
The easybake is seeing a lot of action~
Counting down to a new year and ready to ring it in!!!

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