Friday, November 13, 2015

A Beautiful Symphony

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I began blogging in 2005 (10 years ago) when we began our adoption journey to EK and at that moment this format became my scrapbook of memories, photos, and stories. I long been a Creative Memories consultant and scrapbooker so it was deep in my bones. How amazing that blogging would allow me to get my stories with photos written with nothing in hand but a computer. The process of creating photo books would be a process from fancy digital books to now printing blog books.
Printing the blog books each year makes us so happy and they are definitely the most popular of all our reading. I plan to continue writing for my family at Everything Beautiful and printing just like I have in the past. So for now you can find me in both places!!!
I am beginning a new adventure here in Wordpress with a new blog~
As I began planning and creating this new blog I knew I wanted the word Beautiful because its just my word and Symphony came to mind not really because of what you might be thinking when you hear the word.
When I think of a Symphony I think of God and how creation began with His voice speaking everything into being. Symphony is taking in a beautiful sunrise or sunset. Don't you think heaven is rejoicing when earth gets just a taste of His magnificence? God as the Conductor waving his baton orchestrating everything under the sun and how He blends such beauty makes my heart sing.
Just stop a moment and take in how beautiful He is and if He blesses us with such beauty... just think what He can do with our lives if we give them to Him.
A symphony consists of four movements all working together to compose the complete composition. My plan is to share four movements in my life: Family, Home, Adoption, and School and how each one blend together in harmony...and even when they don’t. Some posts will be new and some will come straight from Everything Beautiful. So exciting to think of the possibilities.
Symphony is creating a Home where everyone is cherished and safe.
Symphony is making Family priority by enjoying family traditions, eating dinner around the table, reading stories together at night, etc.
Symphony is a family blending together with children born of my body as well as my heart through Adoption.
Symphony is Schooling together whether at home, at the grocery store, or on a trip together. It happens anywhere if we're making it priority.
A family of nine children, one married with a son, gives way to lots of topics I could share. Keeping a home running including meals and chores will be a biggie. Adoption is huge on my heart during November Adoption Month and I love writing how our family has been blessed through this amazing choice. {Even sharing the hard places will make its way into the mix.} That leaves school and I hope to feature some of my favorite things that make learning successful here at home.
 I would even love to feature some of you in each category especially adoption. You will see a share button right under my profile photo. Click and share away. I will be the only one reading it and we can chat via email.
Sharing your story of how adoption has changed your family can make such a difference in more children coming home to their forever family. You know as well as me a myriad of other topics can stem from just that one. 
Thank you for following me and chiming in when the notion strikes you. Would even love suggestions of things you would like me to share. All in all we have the choice to make a positive difference in this world and I hope to share my take on it right here!!! 
My prayer is this blog would draw us closer together in God's plan for our Families, Homes, Adoptions, and Schools. Let's make A Beautiful Symphony to God in everything we say and do.
“Let the word of Christ richly dwell within you, with all wisdom teaching and admonishing one another with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with thankfulness in your hearts to God.” (Col. 5:16)


  1. Was it difficult to transfer your stuff to the new blog. I will soon be starting my photographywebsite to make it a business. I like the the cleaness of the site. Yes, you guys are a beautiful symphony.

    1. We haven't tried to transfer but plan to choose some key posts and repost. Thank you so much!!!!!

  2. I have followed your blog for years! I am so glad you have kept it going, but if you take it private does that mean I will no longer be able to follow? Adoption is my dream and your family is an inspiration! Will your next blog be like this one?

  3. Still deciding about private and yes the new blog will have lots on it about adoption. :)

  4. I will miss reading about your family if you go private.

  5. I understand why you would want to go private but I am really going to miss reading about your wonderful family! You have been such an inspiration for adoption and homeschooling!

  6. I will miss following your blog if you decide to go private! But I love your heart for wanting to bless others by sharing your journey for others to learn from. I found your blog one weekend as we were starting our first adoption, and I have enjoyed it ever since! Can't wait to see the new blog!!

  7. I have followed your blog for what seems like forever also and love reading about your beautiful family. Please include me if you make it private!

  8. I've very much enjoyed reading your blog for many years and will certainly miss it of you go private. If you do and are considering adding current readers, my email is sbkendig (at) hotmail. Blessings on your beautiful family!

  9. I will also miss reading about your everyday beautiful moments! I will follow wherever you write and I look forward to being a diligent follower of your new blog. :)

  10. the private bit makes me a little bit teary, I will wish you all the best in the world and grab a tissue.

  11. Love the new name and your story behind it, and can't wait to see it!!!

  12. I too have been reading your blog for years! I will truly miss your blog if you go private. I was looking forward to seeing your beautiful new little one.

  13. I too have been reading your blog for years! I will truly miss your blog if you go private. I was looking forward to seeing your beautiful new little one.

  14. I have also followed your blog these past few years and love your regular updates of your beautiful family.
    I live in Australia and have older bio kids and younger adopted ones.
    If you do go private can I please be included.
    Love your new blog name. When I think of a symphony the word synchronised comes to mind. I think your family is very "in sync" just as a symphony.

  15. I have followed your blogs for a couple years, I have adoption on my heart and praying daily that it will fall on my husbands. You write beautifully and I have to say I will miss reading your posts if you go private. I have learned to be a better more patient parent because of you, read a few new books because if you, made a few new recipes because of you. Thank you for letting me follow along in your journey. Blessings, Sarah from MN

  16. I have also followed your blog for years and hope to be included if you do decide to go private. We have 2 bio children and one adopted from China. I enjoy following blogs of families, especially large ones, who have also adopted from China. I love to see mothers balance family, work, time for themselves, time with God etc. in their daily lives. I had hoped to adopt again from China but my husband is not getting the same "call". Trying to be thankful in HIS answer and excited to see what HE has planned next for our family.
    Excited to see what you have planned in your new blog.