Ben Curtis~

Monday, November 30, 2015

Ben Curtis' babysitter takes a week of vacation after Thanksgiving SO we get the joy of keeping him with us.
I have taken a million photos and these are just a few of them~
 When he is around, everyone stops to play, read, or feed this sweet baby~
 He is truly a precious gift under our tree this year~
 He is funny, kind, gentle, loving, and adorable~
We could NOT love him more and times spent with him are the BEST ever!!!
We LOVE you BC!!!!!

Thanksgiving 2~

Sunday, November 29, 2015

One Thanksgiving celebration was just not enough so Rosie, SJ, and I spent most of our day prepping for Sunday lunch while the kids played~
Rosie made her first every pound cake~
 We all made our first batch of dressing~
 I made my first ever coconut cream pie~
 And on Sunday, Josh deep fried the most delicious turkey ever~
 Some of our favorite recipes of the day~
It was wonderful to have the bigs and littles all gathered around our table
and I'm pretty sad I didn't get a photo but it was awesome... I promise!!!
SO very thankful for every single one!!!

Tshirt Deadline: Sunday, November 29 @ Midnight

Friday, November 27, 2015

One Last Call for Tshirt Orders~

Please order you tshirts by Sunday, November 29 @ midnight to get your shirt by Christmas.
Blessings and Love to all!!!

Christmas Card Afternoon~

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Every Thanksgiving afternoon we try so hard to get a Christmas card photo
and this year was no exception~
 Trying to nail down an arrangement~
 MY Beautiful People~
 My Main Beautiful Person~ {Scotty}
 My Six Beautiful Blessings~
You can imagine what a big job it was to get everyone dressed, in a spot, set up the camera,
get everyone looking AT the camera, and hope everyone is somewhat happy.
{Huge thank you to Amelia who bought all the outfits for the littles!}
The shoot was a success and Christmas card has been ordered!!!
Check off the big fat Christmas list. :)

Thanksgiving 2015~

It was so great to have Rosie home for the week as well as a house full of family in and out.
Thursday we enjoyed my whole side of the family over for an amazing meal~

Everyone ate, visited, napped and enjoyed such a beautiful day!
We have SO much to be thankful for and family is certainly at the top of the list.
Sure did miss my sister's family being home but that just makes longing for Christmas all the more sweeter!!!

HollyMei's China Book~

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

She may have been last to receive her book but she was equally delighted!!!
Whew! It feels good to have all that complete.
Mostly it feels amazing to see them find pride in their Chinese heritage.

"How will our children know who they are if they do not know where they came from." unknown

A Beautiful Weekend~

Monday, November 23, 2015

Friday afternoon we headed to Sherrie Brooke's wedding with Aunt Susan~
 Rosie and Hayden met us there and we had a ball~
 Saturday I picked up Walmart toy catalogs for everyone and were perfect for an afternoon of Christmas dreaming~
 Sunday we loaded the new KidSpring app with songs and videos from our church, NewSpring... 
Evie was pretty happy about it~
 And as I watched the game with Scott I looked over to see EK and Macy playing horses near the tree~
It reminded me just what Simple Sundays are all about!
A Beautiful Weekend!!!

Holiday Week Routine~ {Thanksgiving}

Even though the kids are homeschooled, they know the public school kids are out on holiday so making them put in a normal full day is just down right mean not necessary!

SO I snagged this adorable caddy I found in storage that Scott made when he was in middle school shop class to hold our supplies for the week~

We will concentrate on the 3Rs~ Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic.

For Bible we are watching videos from The Jesus Storybook Bible~
 and drawing on our dry erase boards as we watch or reading from our own bibles~
 For Math I pulled Life of Fred and Bedtime Math for the week and using our boards for those as well~
We started The Family Under the Bridge a while ago and didn't finish so we started over today~
We doodled while we listened then did a group narration together.
I'd say that was a productive day so we put everything away and went out to play.
That's the perfect Holiday Week Routine and we are Thankful for it!!!

A Week of Cranberry Thanksgiving~ {FIAR}

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Cranberry Thanksgiving has been our favorite for about 4 years now and this year was no different.
We read it among other Thanksgiving favorites~
One of our first activities was to pull out maps and globes to find the New England States for geography~

To make reading the book each day Way more fun, we made up motions to perform when a name was read~
It got a little crazy fun really!

We were having guests over for dinner so we ran to the store for ingredients to make Cranberry Orange Cake~
 EK and SJ worked on it while the other kiddos were resting~
 It turned out beautiful, smelled heavenly, and tasted even better~
We even used some cranberries for our table arrangement!

A fellow homeschooling mom Tricia Hodges @ Hodgepodge shared a chalk pastel art project so after watching the story on Youtube~
 We had our hand at drawing Mr. Whiskers with crayons of course~
 They turned out adorable~
 I had them all write something they remembered about him from the story~

Our all time favorite thing to do with this book is create silhouettes~
 Even Macy got in on the action~
 They turned out beautiful and are hanging in our school room all ready for Thanksgiving~

While naming things and people we were thankful for this week, we decided for Thankful Thursday we would write letters~
Some very special people have mail on the way!
It was a very wonderful week with this book and probably will enjoy it again next year.

Payne's China Lifebook~

Payne's China book came today and his face says it ALL~
He and Evie came home together so she was right there with him looking for herself~
Connected to each other forever!!!

Have you started your books yet?
Go to A Beautiful Symphony for more into!


Every year I create silhouettes of the littles to hang in our school room.

I sat the kids and {dog} in front of the window and shot their profile~

Next I cut out each image while holding a piece of black paper~

And ended with a beautiful display for our schoolroom and Thanksgiving~

For Video Tutorial for Printing the Images go to
A Beautiful Symphony: Creating Silhouettes.