Monday, October 19, 2015

Will Perry is 7!~

I'm pretty sure we have heard 'When is October 17th?" about 365 times since last year...
{slight exaggeration} but you get the point.
The boy has been seriously waiting for his birthday and we celebrated this weekend.
Saturday was his birthday and he woke to gifts from us and the girls~
 He is a dinosaur nut right now so it was the theme of his gifts.
{Even EK and SJ gave him some of their collection.}
We had happy meals for lunch and the whole day was spent outside~
 My sister and family came into town so we had a little party at the big table~
 There were lots of cupcake faces~
 The adults enjoyed smores~

Then Sunday was my dad's birthday so after church we had more birthday celebrations.
{I will come back to this photo of us with the girls later}
My daddy turned 79 and love this photo of him with his three grandsons ALL 7~
We enjoyed a delicious lunch and DQ ice cream cake then went out for the gifts.
I wanted this photo of my parents and siblings because we lost our sweet brother John 8 years ago and we miss him terribly~
 Loved having everyone here together~

Will Perry we couldn't love you more and SO thankful God chose you for our son~
We KNOW He has BIG plans for your life!!!
Happy birthday to you and Pop!
A Very happy day!


  1. So jealous of your big big family that just lives around the corner from you! How wonderful for your children. Today, I was thinking of the new little miss and you going to China and the thought came across my mind that you may need to take Miss Ella with you given how upsett she was last time.

  2. Loved all of your beautiful pictures from this weekend. We also loved spending time with all of you and were so happy Marcia and the family were here! So glad that Pop and WP had a wonderful birthday and thanks for hosting the celebrations!! Love you!

  3. Love all the picks. And his sweet smile!!!! He looks like one Happy Boy. Happy Bitthday to WP.

  4. Hard to believe Will Perry is 7 already! Larissa just turned 7 last week as well. They grow so fast. Love all your pictures. Best wishes to you and a big happy birthday to WP for us! Hugs from the north!