A Happy Halloween~ {2015}

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween this year was super fun because we spent it with BC!
We hung out for the afternoon, ate pizza~
 and dressed in costumes for pictures I mean trick-or-treating~
 Are they adorable or WHAT?~
 And here is my cute crew~
 Again with BC~
We loved having Rosie home for the weekend and sure missed Mill~
 Superman and Super Papa~
 Cowboy PC, Kitty HM, and Vet EK~
 Dino WP, Fern Farmgirl EC, and Pilot SJ~
 BC was amazing the whole evening walking everywhere the littles went~
 He carried his own pumpkin too~
  It was so fun being in Savannah and Josh's neighborhood
and even got candy from the police officer~
 We are guessing the night air may have sparked an asthma flareup with WP~
But have no fear, he was in excellent hands!!!
A Happy Halloween for sure!

Fun Friday~ {Awesome Autumn Leaves}

Friday, October 30, 2015

Everyone ran out in the cold in their pjs to find one favorite leaf.
Our maple tree out back is most beautiful right now~
 We made observations while reading our Awesome Autumn book for the day.
I pulled out the laminator and that's always a fun thing to watch as their beautiful leaf came out~
 We also laminated a front and back for each person so we could record facts we listed on the white board~
We were most amazed of how God made plants able to make their own food
and also give us such beautiful color during Awesome Autumn!
Super Simple, Quick, and Fun Friday!!!

Reading @ Night with Dad~

Thursday, October 29, 2015

We are hot and cold with bedtime reading
 because I am reading to them so much during the day BUT~
when we read find just the right book
{The Wind in the Willows},
We can count on the kids to make sure it happens!
Lots of positive research supporting dads reading to their children!
{Thankful for a dad who is ALL in!!!}

The Bitty Girls' Room~

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I have continued to work on the girls' room this week
and made a little stop at Hobby Lobby to find this beautiful canvas.
We pulled out CallaAnne's bed as to hang it right above her.
Imagine another little girl lying in her bed all safe forever~
 {probably need new bedspreads... looks like these have shrunk).
I also created a dress up area and saw another print I loved @ HL so
Amelia (our personal artist) painted us one~
 The last thing done so far is a chest for CA's clothes that was mine when I was a little girl
and hanging above it is Edgar Degas' The Ballet Rehearsal on Stage that was my aunt's and I always LOVED it~
{And made a school day out of it!!!}

Scripture Doodling~

A sweet friend of mine, Lisa, posted on FB of her daughter's love for Scripture Doodling
and I inquired knowing my two girls would adore it as well.
Today I gave them their cute Doodle Bags~
 It held a journal, pencils, color pencils, eraser, sharpener, and list of scriptures.
We decided to just go with the first one listed, Romans 10:9.
We all looked it up in our bibles and highlighted.
Both girls were apprehensive to begin so I borrowed their pencils and doodled in my Journaling Bible~ 
 I think my pitiful doodle surely gave them the confidence to draw too~
 We put on Casting Crowns and enjoyed our time together during rest time~
Please go HERE to read all about April Knight Worship Artist!!!
These journals will be treasures when they are older
and look back at all the ways God spoke to them through their art.

Corduroy~ {BFIAR}

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Corduroy is continued this week and while I read
 the little girls cut out their own piggy banks~
 Next I let them punch circles for play money
and we made up a game~
Using a color die they rolled and put the corresponding color money into their bank.
Then we used a number die and counted the correct number of coins as well.
I'm pretty sure Evie punched about 100 coins and I'm not even kidding!!!
One of those activities that made the morning quite successful!


Monday, October 26, 2015

While decorating the bitty girls' room I hung a print in their room
that belonged to my aunt when I was a little girl...
 The kids knew they had seen it in the book Olivia so we pulled it out this week.
LOOK at the name of the book Olivia's mom is reading. :)
 This little pig has been Evie's favorite friend since Aunt Sissy gave it to her
and she and SJ have loved changing her clothes about a hundred times a day.
It has since been named Olivia and the tag book has become super popular~
 After reading the story we determined Olivia visited the MET so we went on a field trip via YouTube~
 We learned all about Edgar Degas and Jackson Pollock~
 We even got to create abstracts with a virtual Pollock drip painting game.
{Now we have the app on our Ipods}
I printed a notebooking page and we recorded info learned about both paintings~
This was all unplanned but SO meaningful because the learning connected with our real life!!!
No better learning in my opinion!!!

Rosie's Study Space~

A Lovely Sanctuary

CallaAnne~ {Update}

Sunday, October 25, 2015

We were so blessed to receive an update for CallaAnne that included new photos~
She's a cutie and if you think she looks like SJ, you are right~
We were also excited to send CA a little package too~

AND while cleaning out my desk way back in the top drawer
I found THIS~
The stone I thought I had thrown away.
Go HERE to read the back story.
Loving you sweet CallaAnne!!!

Adoption Update:
We are waiting for our homestudy to be approved and then Immigration!

Getting Ready for CallaAnne~

Saturday, October 24, 2015

When CA comes home and has adjusted to her new life,
she will share a room with the bitty girls.
It has been Rosie's room, EK & SJ's room, and now the bitties~
I wanted a softer, dreamier feel so Scott, Amelia, and I painted it pink today~
We have another iron bed to put up and need to get things on the wall.
{Would love suggestions if you have some}

We also created a little study space for Rosie~
We plan to hang an old window above the banner too.
{Loved having her home this weekend nursing her back to health too!!!}

Corduroy~ {BFIAR}

Friday, October 23, 2015

The little girls pulled Corduroy this week and wanted to read so
we did many times and I was happy to pull out some old 'school' activities for them~
 I put out paper and patterns to make hand puppets~
(SJ said she didn't want to make her own but helped HM with the whole thing:)
Such a fun way to make narration WAY more exciting!!!
{Continued next week!}

A Sick Little Girl~

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Evie was under the weather a little this week~
But a dr visit and meds had her feeling better in a couple of days.

Making Words~ {Outside!}

Amelia needed some coasters cut from logs for a project
and when she was done with them I snatched for a Word Making game~
Evie was the first to try it out because she is usually the one attached to my hip 24/7. :)
I made the a one first and added the t to it getting the word at down
then practiced added a beginning sound to the front.
I wrote letters in chalk and she matched while she sounded to practice play with words!
{Don't even know she's schooling while she plays!}

Nature Walk Wednesday~ {Acorns and Pumpkin}

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fall in Georgia is pretty awesome!
Cool and crisp in the mornings (jacket weather) and afternoons warm enough for short sleeves.
Today we grabbed our happy meal buckets and went exploring~
 We met in the hideout for bible time and everyone wanted to look for acorns.
Along the way we spotted some really cool webs which we have been reading about in science~
 Our oak trees only dropped small acorns so off to Memommy and Pop's we went~
 And she took us to trees that dropped HUGE ones~
 That we could paint along with leaves too~
(Making prints for our nature journals)
 Why stop there?
We carved our pumpkin Freddie too~
Everyone gave a suggestion for the Surprise face!
(Really cool hack idea was to carve from the bottom 
and made cleaning it out super easy!!!)