Monday, August 24, 2015

New Centers~

I am going with a new strategy this year...
Fill the drawer with more things than they could choose on a given day.
When one activity is chosen over and over for a week, 
it will be taken away so less favored ones are chosen as well.

Boys' Centers~
Listening: {Narrate story after listening}
Puzzles: {Friendly race to finish}

 Clothespins Sight Words: {Read and Spell Words}
 Uno War: {Deal cards and flip one to determine more and less}
 Spot It: {Visual Discrimination}
 Tag Readers: {Reading with Support}
 Zingo Sight Words- {Practice words learned with BOB readers}

Bitty Girls' Centers~
Puzzles: {EC helping HM learn the ropes}
 Jr Tag Readers: {Reading with support}

ABC match: {ABC order}
 TAG Readers: {Reading with Support}
 Spot It-: {Visual Discrimination}

 Flower Match: {Math- Matching Patterns}
 Listening- {Tell me the Story Girls: Retelling}
These centers are chosen as they finish up table work and our group time.
The wonderful thing is they choose to do these activities in the afternoons and weekends too!!!

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