Friday, August 21, 2015

Fun Friday Turned Cook-a-Book Friday~

Do you know the Laura Numeroff books?
They are have a circular theme and are sequence oriented.

Earlier in the week I had begun thinking about a cooking activity for Friday
and came up with Cook-a-Book Friday.
Then as I was scrolling on IG I saw someone making homemade donuts for their child's birthday.
{I see my own circular story beginning!}...

I remembered making donuts with my kids when I was a teacher so I looked it up online.
Once I found the recipe, I looked for a book to go with it and found
If You Give a Dog a Donut...
(which we don't have)
and that took me to YouTube.
All this starting coming together since we had spent tons of time acclimating Macy into our school day~
She needed a celebration and we did wonder if she liked donuts so~
 We watched the book and gathered all the others we have.
I pulled up the recipe and EK read us the directions while SJ gathered the ingredients~
We used a playdough cone to make the holes and dropped them into the canola oil.
Once they were golden brown
we put one in Macy's bowl and she gobbled it down in a sec~
 For our donuts we drizzled chocolate icing and heaped on the sprinkles~
 I had everyone do one math sheet from their caddy
then we watched the story again and sequenced it on a circle.
This was super easy for EK and SJ but they helped the bitty girls keep up~
With reading, writing, and math done as well as cooking, we called it a FUN Friday
and decided Cook-a-Book is here to stay!!!
Can't wait to think up something for next Friday!


  1. Love how you rock the unit study!!!!! You go mama.

  2. Spelling wisdom and using language well are going well with big boys. It is training them how to study words and look at something correctly. So far so good!!!!! I think it is going to be good for them as far as the discipline of studying a sentence for themselves.

  3. The dog book is $5 at Kohl's right now.