Sunday, July 26, 2015

Kindergarten Girls~ {Cont. with Centers}

I start school with the other 4 kids about 9am
and there are areas other than the K girls' room where they can play/learn.
{Remember I am getting their Table Work done before breakfast!}

The first is in our Sunroom with a shelf full of activities~
 Playdough, Kinetic Sand, Dot Painters, Art Supplies, Legos~
 Math Manipulatives, Games, Puzzles, and Magformers~
 I moved their kitchen downstairs and it has become the new favorite for everyone~
 They can sit in the rocker and read library books as well as create art @ the table.

In the school room their shelf is full of pegs, ABC puzzles, Retelling Brown Bear~
 ABC fishing, Hot Dots, Fishing Puzzle, Geoboards~
 Little People, Calendar, and a couple of resources for ideas~
They have plenty of K choices to keep them engaged while I'm working with the older kids.

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  1. Where did you get your containers to hold their stuff. They look like a good size.