Monday, June 15, 2015

The Grove Summer Party~

Having a big family is the most wonderful joy in the world.
Lots of my time is spent loving on the youngest 6
and I crave more time with my 3 originals.
Rosie enjoyed The Grove @ Passion City Church once a month this past school year
and she wanted all of us to go down for the Summer Party~
SO that's what we did...
picked up Lew and Savannah and drove to Piedmont Park for a picnic
and concert by Ellie Holcomb.

You may think being a mom to younger children is most important
 but mothering my older three is just as important, 
entertaining, fun, necessary, and rewarding.

Wish I had counted all the stories they told of when they were younger.
We laughed our heads off and made another memory together.

Savannah, Amelia, and Rosemary~
I can't imagine my life without each of you.
You make my life beautiful and complete.
Thank you for the young women you have grown to be
and always know my heart is chasing you forever!!!
I loved our evening together and can't wait for the next one.

{HUGE thank you to Scotty for holding down the fort!!!}

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  1. I wholeheartedly agree!!! I had all 4 of my oldest home (ages 33, 30, 27 and 25) ALONG with ALL the grandbabies home a few weeks ago. It was such a memorable weekend. It has been a LONG time since I have all 4 of the older kids under one roof at one time (especially with jobs that doesn't agree with our plans most of the time). They recounted stories of growing up that had us all in stitches, (like the time they were playing cops and robbers and broke a few of my souvenir plates off the wall) NO ONE ever fessed up to that until that time or the time that they were playing hide and seek in the back storage house and the Christmas tree fell on the youngest one!! It was hilarious when they said she was more decorated than the Christmas tree after ALL 3 pulled her from underneath it (covered in tinsel). The laughter lasted until the wee hours of the morning with MANY stories that we had no idea about. It made us feel good to hear them laugh and admit (they had the best childhood ever). Enjoy THE BIGS as much as you can!! They have some of the BEST RECOUNTED memories EVER!!!