Friday, June 12, 2015

Meet MacyJade~

SO.... school in June is just not panning out like I had planned 
but the things happening are way more important in my opinion.
On Tuesday evening Scott and I surprised the kids with a new puppy
 Now THIS is a subject we are ALL interested in and she has been a perfect addition.
EK, SJ, and I took her to the vet which could be considered a field trip, right?~
I had been reading the kids a book called A Dog's Life for read aloud which they love
and the vet suggested we read The Puppy Primer~
 Yesterday I walked in on EK reading to Macy about dog breeds
and today while Macy is sleeping close by~
I find EK reading our read aloud to herself SO...
maybe June is turning out BETTER than I had planned.
Sometimes unplanned is a better plan.
Thankful for our sweet MacyJade!!!

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