Saturday, June 20, 2015

29th Wedding Anniversary~

Tomorrow is our anniversary 
and we are so blessed that Savannah insisted we go away for a night.
We haven't been away from the littles in over 5 years
other than being in China and we certainly don't consider that a getaway!
It was super hard to leave sweet Macy~
 And the kids of course but they assured us everything would be fine and shooed us out the door~

We headed to the NC mountains and stopped in Highlands for a little shopping
then on to our destination... Snowbird Mountain Lodge~

WE tried to take a couple selfie
and all we could see were double chins and wrinkles~ :) 

 It was so fun to sit and talk at dinner about the amazing life God has given us~
 The mountains were absolutely beautiful!!!~

We couldn't wait to get home to our children...
SO thankful to our three big girls for taking care of our littles!
After the bigs headed out for their fun evenings,
we took the littles and Macy for a boat ride~
 {This was Macy's first time on the lake and she loved it}
So thankful for 29 wonderful years, 9 children, 1 sil, and 1 grandson.
Look forward to the next 29 because we know...
The Best is Yet to Come!!!


  1. So glad you were able to get away for more than dinner. Wow! Evie is starting to look like a big girl.

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! Love the selfies ;0) And yes, the best is yet to come.....but that seems impossible, doesn't it? It is SO GOOD now!!

  3. Happy anniversary!!!! And what a sweet time with the Scott. Miss you!!!!

  4. Happy Anniversary! and many more!

  5. Happiest of Anniversary wishes to you and Scott!!!

  6. Happy anniversary! My warm wishes are always with you guys! I hope you had celebrated this day with full of joy and enjoyed a lot. Well, I got married at wedding venue in Los Angeles, and now thinking to book this place again for our 1st wedding anniversary. Isn’t a great idea?